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» » Honor Magic Vs 5G Review: Magic Hardware And Missed Opportunities

In the world of foldables, Samsung is undoubtedly leading the charge — which is both a good thing and a bad thing. It's good because Samsung has been aggressive about getting foldables into the hands of consumers, regardless of what geographic region they happen to reside in. In the U.S., the foldable race has two horses, and one of them has two hooves tied behind its back.

In the world outside of the U.S., there is a bit more competition and that's where this review is going to be the most meaningful. The Honor Magic Vs is the company's second foldable — and in many ways, that is surprising, but it's not always a pleasant surprise. Honor has done a lot to push this space forward, and it's offering Samsung a good amount of competition.

But in one key way, Honor is lagging behind — and it can't continue to do so, lest the consumer experience knocks Honor out of the space entirely. I've been here in the U.S. using an Honor Magic Vs provided by Honor connected to data on the T-Mobile USA network — a network it was not designed for in a country it wasn't designed for — and this is my full review.

Before we dive into the review, we need to clear the air on one key point. This phone was never destined for U.S. shores. That being the case, I didn't find my experience to be bad except in one minor way. I ran this phone on T-Mobile's network and I had zero issues with connectivity or speed. 

For the first day or so, I sat on LTE, but I couldn't decide if that was a network issue or the fact that T-Mobile connectivity is lacking around my house. It turns out the problem was neither, because the notification shade had a "5G" quick setting that had gotten turned off, so once I turned it back on, I was right as rain.

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