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 SIP or what called a systematic investment plan is one of the most preferred plans by the people who invest in mutual funds. Mutual fund is one of the best investment product to select from for the people who look for tax benefits. There are funds that get the benefits of section 80C of the income tax act that bring you the tax benefits to an amount of 1.5 lakhs. In all terms, it is a good idea to select SIP mutual fund with tax benefits to make the investment really best in terms of profits and returns.


SIP – What it is?

Even though this term is so popular, still there are good numbers of investors who make the question what SIP is. The systematic investment plan is one among the two investment plans that make you deposit a fixed amount every month towards your investment product. Another plan is one-time investment plan and as the name suggest this plan demand you to invest a lump sum amount for a single time. Now the question will be how to start sip.

Select the right fund

This is the first factor to consider to start investing with SIP. There are several types of mutual funds to select from that comes with varied duration and interest rates. You can select the right type in accordance with your personal interests and budget. If you lack sufficient knowledge in taking the right decision, you can get advice from the mutual fund experts. There are reputed online mutual fund portals to provide the service of experienced consultants who can provide valuable advice in making the investment on the right funds.

Make use of the blogs

You can find blogs from the experts and experienced investors with reputed online platforms. These blogs can give excellent information on executing your systematic investment plans. You can find several blogs that provide information for the first time investors to professional investors to make the process really simple. This is also one of the best ways to enhance your knowledge of the mutual fund, its benefits, and risks.

Free service

This is another easy way to start SIP. There are reputed online portals to provide services for zero commissions. The services are provided for free of cost to attract more and more investors to their platform. Tight competition in the investment market demands the asset management companies to provide personalized service of the customers. They make use of the automatic platform that can select the best funds based on their requirement and budget.

Be free from paperwork

Tiring paperwork is what makes most of the investors to feel bored. But now the process is made so simple and entirely free from paperwork. Reputed online mutual fund platform helps you upload KYC in digital format to execute the order online without making a move from your home or office.

Now, you better know how to start sip without wasting time and effort. SIP funds develop the habit of saving that is so important in your life.



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